What is professional art reproduction?


Professional art reproduction is the process of reprinting an art piece. The type of artwork that can be reproduced varies, you can print a painting, photograph or drawing, depending on your piece of artwork. However, fine art printing is the most commonly seen art reproduction type.

Our artists at The Canvas Art Gallery work in a range of different mediums, including selling fine art prints. Artists such as Dan CrispRon Lawson and Georgina McMaster, all sell their prints through us. Alternatively, if you wish to reprint a piece of your own artwork we can help you through the process too. Additionally, we specialise in picture framing, just visit our office based in Forfar.

How can you reproduce artwork?

There are a couple of different ways to reproduce artwork. The type of reproduction process you choose will impact how high quality your print is. The two main types of fine art printing are Giclee printing and artwork copying.

Giclee Printing: 
This is the most high quality standard of artwork reproduction. By using acid and lignin free paper, alongside high quality inks, the standard of reproduction is much higher than other forms of reproduction. A great way to elevate your print is to consider bespoke picture framing, preserving and showcasing the beauty of giclee printing.

Artwork Copying: 
Artwork copying is the process of scanning or photographing an image and then reprinting it. Often artists use this method to digitise their work, this allows them to store copies online and print only when they need to.

If you want to find out more, check out this blog on the advantages of reproducing artwork and the value of this to your work.

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