Why you should hire a professional for framing your sports memorabilia


Do you have a piece of unique sports memorabilia that you wish to preserve whilst still keeping it on display? At The Canvas Art Gallery we understand both the importance of the items and objects that are special to you and also the compelling need to show them off. This is why we offer creative and unique bespoke framing solutions for whatever it is that you want to preserve and display whether it is flat items such as certificates or photos, medals or other sports memorabilia of any kind – and we promise to handle your items with respect and care all along every step of the process.

We are a family-run business and have been offering bespoke framing services for over 20 years. In that time have dealt with a huge variety of different objects, whether it be simple picture framing, photo framing or more unique objects which require more complex conservation framing.

We understand that preserving and displaying sports memorabilia and other more bulky items can be more complex than simply choosing from a range of prebuilt frames. We have a team of talented designers who are experienced in bespoke framing and have created custom box frames for a whole range of items.

Our designers offer bespoke framing solutions ranging from the simple to the complex and our more than happy to help you through the conservation framing process. Starting from the essential, such as measurements and other details relating to your item, through to helping you choose materials that will compliment the object in order to create the perfect custom box frame for your beloved memorabilia that is stylish and fitting both your needs and your budget.

We follow proper preservation practices to ensure your sports memorabilia will be preserved in their custom box frame to be displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime. We can assure you that your items will be in safe hands and that our bespoke framing services will add to the value and to the pride that you feel for your them.

Simply visit us in Forfar, Angus or give us a ring on 01307 465715 if you want more information or have a specific enquiry.