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Mr Bumbles by Louise Luton
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About the Artist:

Born in Salisbury in 1971 Louise gained her degree in Fine Art from Digby Stuart College,

Roehampton, London (University of Surrey) in 1992 and PGCE Art and Drama University of Exeter 1994.

After living and working in London, Exeter and Bournemouth, Louise returned to her hometown of Salisbury in 2009. Her studio looks out across the Woodford valley over to Old Sarum. Deer, hares, badgers and pheasants are frequent visitors to her garden providing a constant source of inspiration. The animals roaming in the New forest bring further source material.

Louise is inspired by the colour and light in nature. Her dynamic use of colour combines traditional naturalism with a contemporary twist. Her expressive animal paintings on natural linen pop off the canvas with a pleasing juxtaposition of vibrant colour on neutral tones.

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