Bespoke picture framing: What are the benefits?

Bespoke picture framing: What are the benefits?

Body: Bespoke picture framing is a fantastic way to bring artwork, prints, and photographs to life. It may be tempting to just pick a frame from off the rack, but investing in a bespoke number will not only add a unique touch, but can also last a lifetime, too.

Personalised touch

Bespoke framing offers a personalised touch for any piece of art, that special photograph, or a print you’ve been looking to buy for some time.

In comparison to a shop-bought frame, a bespoke one can also be designed to match your specific preference. Not just that, but it can be designed to match the décor in your home, so everything works in unison from a design point of view.


Gifting art with bespoke framing can be a much more heartfelt option that just a regular one.

For that special someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even just a nice surprise can add that sentimental value which is often missing when purchasing regular frames. Cue the emotion!


You’re a lot more likely to find better quality with a bespoke frame, as you can be specific on what materials its crafted with. Higher quality materials are of course, slightly more expensive to source, but the saying about quality over quantity is especially relevant for fine art and photography.

Plus, investing in bespoke photo frames doesn’t just mean ultimate quality, but also longevity. So, you can rest assured your frame will last the test of time, and helps reduce your carbon footprint, too.

For more information on fine art framing, or a bespoke picture framing service ideal for you, get in touch, and we will be more than happy to assist you on your journey for the perfect frame.

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