Bespoke framing: a way to express yourself


Choosing a bespoke framing service will ensure your treasured artwork expresses who you really are.

Bespoke framing is not solely reserved for large items. It is the perfect way to express yourself beyond your treasured piece. With freedom to choose the material, colour, size and style of frame – you have total control. Careful selection of these features can complement the final result. Your framed piece should become an extension of the artwork, and of you. We know that making these decisions can feel overwhelming, our experienced gallery staff are always willing to advise. 

Whilst settling for an off-the-shelf photo frame may seem lighter on the pocket and may get your piece on the wall quickly, the end result can disappoint. Bespoke frames are built for longevity and will provide you with better value for money in the long term. Good quality bespoke framing ensures a degree of protection against damage – most importantly against UV rays, which over time, impacts the vibrancy of your piece. 

Bespoke framing works well for a range of items. Unique frames for personal photographs make them perfect to add to your home photo gallery. Fine art prints are crying out for bespoke frames. Whether your chosen piece is typical of the hyper-realistic tones of Glaswegian figurative painter Iain Faulkner, or the vibrant oil on canvas wildlife scenes of Georgina McMaster, unique bespoke framing will set it apart.  

Framing unique objects is increasingly popular and enables people to really give their homes a unique twist. Creating a custom box frame to mount your favourite objects and unusual memorabilia is a wonderful way to capture those objects that have special significance for you and loved ones. 

Choosing a bespoke frame for your chosen artwork is the perfect way to express yourself. Contact us to explore the options for your framing needs and our experienced gallery staff will be happy to assist as you choose a creation that will never go out of fashion.