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Supporting and engaging with your local art gallery has never been so important. By keeping local artists supported and local collectors happy, a local gallery offers more than just fine art framing services. Whether you’re an artist, collector, or just enjoy viewing works of art, your local art and framing gallery is just the place to go. Here, we take a look at some of the artists currently exhibiting and being housed at The Canvas Art Gallery.

Ron Lawson

Dramatic and moody landscapes, characterised by lonely homes are the signature style of Ron Lawson artist and painter. Deep, flat skies are contrasted by houses which sit comfortably amidst chalky, textured hills. Alongside original works, there are a wide variety of prints available, including artist proofs and rare prints, so any art enthusiast can bring these emotional yet stoic works into their home. With a fine art framing service, these prints are available ready to hang.

Georgina McMaster

The delicate and beautiful works of Georgina McMaster’s original paintings are captured in fine art printing at The Canvas Art Gallery. Featuring the delicacy of nature through snapshot moments of bees approaching blooming flowers, she captures the instancy of the natural world. Exploring themes of environmentalism and capturing part of the global movement to save the bees, McMaster’s works are perfect for lovers of the outdoor world.

Iain Faulkner

A figurative painter in the hyper-realistic style, Faulkner captures distinct moments in time. Emotion filled and narrative images provide an insight into the stories of the artist. With a distinctive style and painterly understanding of light and colour, these works bring a fine art feel to any room. Available with fine art framing, they make the perfect gift.

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