How to Avoid Giclee Print Scams


Giclee prints are of such exceptional quality that they have given rise to a surging market of fake prints and scams over recent years. Fortunately, there are a few key ways to identify a giclee from a fake.

What Are Giclee Prints?

Giclee prints are high-quality reproductions of original works created using specialist pigment inks on an inkjet printer. They are widely regarded for their museum-quality and are popular with both collectors and artists for their ability to maintain their quality and value.  

How to Spot a Giclee 

Our giclee prints are of exceptional quality and reproduced using professional techniques and carefully chosen, acid-free paper. An authentic giclee demonstrates the best art reproduction technology available and should have several key features that set them apart from low quality alternatives. An authentic giclee should have:

  • A consistent texture throughout the print
  • Smooth, even edges beneath the frame
  • A continuity of tone and the absence of halftone dots
  • Few or no characteristics such as brush-strokes

Why You Should Consider a Giclee 

Artists such as Ron Lawson, Georgina McMaster and Iain Faulkner all benefit from our fine art printing services as well as our custom picture frames. A giclee print profits our artists by allowing them to create open or limited editions of their work while providing our customers with the best quality inkjet prints.

The Best Way to Present Your Giclee 

Possessing a giclee print is a great luxury for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Many of our clients decide to showcase their giclee prints with bespoke framing to uniquely compliment their treasures and preserve them for years to come.

If you’d like to transform your artwork into a limited edition, custom print, simply upload your image for a customised quote.