What is fine art photography?

What is fine art photography?

Fine art photography is much more than capturing a still image with a camera. Whereas typical photography makes you focus on the picture in focus, fine art photography should prompt you to reach further and question the thought behind the photography.

What extinguishes fine art photography from simple representational photography – such as journalistic photography – is that the latter is providing a visual representation of literal reality. The image is objective and easy to understand, requiring little explanation behind the reasoning for the capturing of the image.

In contrast, the key difference that qualifies photography as fine art is that it is an expression of the photographer’s vision. It is normally expressionistic and conveys a sense of the thoughts, feelings or beliefs that the photographer has. In other words, fine art photography must transgress the literal representation, clearly showing it was captured by the mind of the artist, rather than the camera.

Fine art photography is an effortless way to add a contemporary and stylish look to any home. Whether you choose to place it as a centerpiece on your dining room wall or opt for smaller pieces around your house, fine art photography allows you to put an extra bit of your personality into your living space.

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