How picture framing can help preserve your memories


Photographs have become our go-to way to capture amazing moments in our lives. It’s also common for us to pick up unique pieces of artwork on our travels that remind us of where we’ve been and what we’ve done. However, sometimes we can struggle to make the most of our pictures. When picture framing is done properly it can offer a great way for our irreplaceable memories to be preserved properly, allowing us to look back on our fondest memories every day.

Give your treasured memories the attention they deserve

Whether it’s the perfect family photograph with everyone looking their best, or an unforgettable moment from your travels that you were able to capture on camera – it deserves to be framed properly. Photo frames can make or break a photo, determining where you place them in your home and how noticeable it is to you and guests. Photo framing can make your photo look even more impactful and eye-catching. It is common for people to find that standard retail frames are unable to preserve their treasured memories to their full potential. Bespoke photo framing can often be a much better choice of preservation, allowing the picture to look as effective as possible and look great in your home.

Allow your art pieces to tell a story

Many of us choose to pick up art pieces or prints on our travels or throughout our lives to remind us of moments we don’t want to forget. However, it is important for us to give our favourite artworks the most complimentary frame so they can sit in pride of place in our homes. Many fail to realise that the type of glass in regular frames may not be thoroughly protecting the colours and vibrancy of the art inside. Research fine art framing or speak to an expert and find a frame that will protect your art in sunlight or under fluorescent bulbs. There’s anti-UV glass, reflection control glass or anti-UV glass with reflection control – all offering you a more protected and impactful presentation.

Bespoke framing will not only help you make the most of your pictures, but also give you a frame that ties into your home décor. This allows your pictures to enhance your space and give your home more personality. Well-framed memories tell guests a story of where you’ve been and what you value in life.